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Our Mission
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Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the lives of children from law enforcement families living with a medical condition or disability.  We realize that illnesses and disabilities cause serious emotional and financial strain on the entire family.  While we are not able to cure your child’s illness or disability, we would like to help by providing donations.

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Our Story

The Mikey G’s Embracing Wings Foundations, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was established in August 2021 to honor Mike’s life and dreams. The main mission of this organization connects two of Mike’s passions, being a police officer and helping children in need. Our primary mission is to support law enforcement families who have a child or children suffering from a serious medical issue or disability. Just as Mike embraced everyone he met, this foundation will embrace those children and their families.

Our Story

More About
Mikey G

To tell you about who Michael was in just a few words or sentences is not an easy task. Mike was a truly genuine soul. He never put on an act. Whenever you saw him, he was always laughing and smiling because that was exactly how he felt. He was a true bright light that encompassed everyone around him. Everything about him was about bringing joy without ever asking for anything in return. Not even the struggles of the job could bring him down. He was always determined to find the best in every situation.

Mike always wanted to go into law enforcement, working with the Rockville Centre Police Department as a brownie and then with the Village of Westbury as code enforcement. Still, it wasn’t until 2005 that he became one of NYPD’s finest. Graduating from the academy was one of his proudest moments, and he could live the dream of being a police officer for 16 years. He knew the struggle was real during his time, but he never let that diminish his love for the job and helping others. He was involved with organizations that supported police officers and their mental health, as well as joined rallies that focused on supporting law enforcement. He was passionate about his job and loved his fellow brothers and sisters in blue.  But his love for others did not stop there. He began a mustang club to bring those who loved mustangs together to enjoy the cars and each other. The club quickly grew into a family, and as it grew, so did Mike’s vision.


As much as he cherished being a police officer, he loved to bring joy to people, especially children. He began to put his philanthropic self to work. The new vision for the club was to raise money and support those who needed it. He raised money for Last Hope Pet Adoption, and gathered and delivered toys for Toys-for-Tots and the John Thiessen Children’s Foundation. He also became involved with the food drives affiliated with our church, Cure of Ars, just to name a few. It became more than just sharing a love of cars but sharing that joy and love with others who needed it.

He was always there for everyone, ready to jump in and help at the drop of a hat. He had such a huge and giving heart. Unfortunately, he could not see his dream fulfilled of turning his club into a non-profit organization to help those in need.

More About Mikey G
Our Board

Our Board

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